Reopening & Reimagining Educational Facilities Amid Covid-19

Schools were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that saw extended shutdowns and required administrators, teachers, parents and students to all pivot from in-person learning to hybrid classrooms. As schools begin re-opening for in-person instruction, facility professionals are faced with the challenges of keeping students and faculty safe from the spread of infection, while architects and designers are tasked with rethinking the way educational facilities are planned for health, safety and welfare, and equipped with technology solutions to enable remote learning, all topics that are covered in this engaging and insightful panel discussion.

Dan Danowski

Engineering & Product Manager, Finish Plumbing, Zurn

John Myers

Director of Marketing & Training, Haskell Education

Slavi Younger Nightingale

Founder & Partner, Frasch, LLC

Jim McGarry

President & CEO, EDmarket

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