How Architectural Finishes Create a Total Transformation

Building owners are faced with a big challenge: design, build, and maintain buildings from the ground up: floors, walls, ceilings, desks, tables, and everything in between. And, do it on a limited budget.

Enter 3M™ DI-NOC™– the architectural finish that transforms architectural surfaces, reduces costs, and increases sustainability.

Drawing from countless inspirations in architecture, design, nature, and the elements, 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes enable owners to create the look they want in their building – at a fraction of the cost.

Attend this webinar to discover how modern architectural finishes:

● Outperform their natural counterparts

● Save money, resources, and time with minimal disruption to operations

● Bring entirely new aesthetic options to any architectural surface with zero landfill waste

Learning Objectives:

● Familiarize yourself with the vast options of architectural finishes available in the market today

● Identify appropriate uses of architectural finishes in projects where budget and time restraints are a concern

● Define expected performance characteristics for architectural finishes, such as being lightweight, non-hazardous, flexible, and durable

● Understand proper substrate and primer use and preparation for a quality installation

● Learn the application process for a successful, lasting product, including the importance of cleaning and proper adhesion

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James Beale

Founding Partner, NGS Films and Graphics

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